Bruja De La Cocina
Spiraling to Center through Intuitive Healing


Bianca ‘b’ Santini

the evolution of a Goddess Rising


Bianca Santini enjoys taking on different ‘roles’. She is:

a Gatekeeper

la Bruja de la Cocina,

an artist, a mother, a sister, a woman, a Goddess, a creator, a homemaker, an advocate.

Below is a poem capturing her essence:

I am a jibarita born in Philadelphia.

My culture and my roots dwell in my soul

and I spend my days seeking that home within my Core.

I dance to drums and sing sweet lullabies of self love into the mirror.

The sun is my friend and the moon is my sister.

I delight in sandy feet & radiant summer skin.

I give birth to Kings & Passion Projects that manifest into Legacies.

I develop art through words, sketches & movement.

I decipher the language of the Divine & channel messages into this plane.

I ground myself in creation; beads, body adornment, magic, Food, nourishment for the mind, body & soul; my own personal expression of gratitude.

I care to plantitas & cats.

I am wealthy, abundant & full.

That would be la Bruja, Goddess, Bianca or ‘B’ to you.

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