Bruja De La Cocina
Spiraling to Center through Intuitive Healing

La Cocina Creative Club

La Cocina Creative Club

 La Cocina is space for creatives to be nourished.

La Cocina is a space for creatives to explore & thrive in harmony.

La Cocina provides the necessities creative youth of all ages require to grow & learn without judgement.

La Cocina is an open space for everyone to work, collaborate, eat & rest.

La Cocina aims to bring the creative community together without fear of judgement or shame.

Bi Weekly Meetings Held at Various Member Locations. Email for more info.

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Bruja de la Cocina Intuitive Consultations:

La Bruja uses Cartomancy (Tarot, Playing Cards, Oracle Cards), Numerology, Astrology as well as Intuitive Energy Reading (verbal and non verbal observation) in order to assist you in meeting your needs. I create tools (Herbal Blends & Beaded Jewelry) based on this consultation to support you and your journey back to self as you spiral into self love.

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