Bruja De La Cocina
Spiraling to Center through Intuitive Healing


The origin

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La Cocina originated from the founder, Bianca Santini’s, conceptualization of SELF.

It is a manifestation of the mundane, every day, magic that comes with being an Earthy, Detail Oriented, Intuitive, Wild, Creative in a world that often neglects how magical life can truly be.

It is the understanding that WE as PEOPLE ARE the Magic. La Cocina simply provides the tools. The elements needed to manifest.

It is the mixture of soups that warm the soul, laughter that fills the spirit & music that fills the body.

The healing experienced in kitchens across all cultures surpasses time & space.

As a Puerto Rican woman, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, la cocina (the kitchen) was the first & strongest tie Bianca had to her roots.

Her mother spoke Spanish in her home but she did not carry the language fluently. She picked up words and phrases that meant more than the English language could ever embody but always felt disconnected from her core.

Her Latino family was scattered across the Island of Puerto Rico & the United States. While she was very close to them as a child, over time, the bonds of tradition fell away. This left her to find it on her own.

After having her son, at 20 years old, it became even more integral for her to establish her own foundation. She was seeking the knowledge & wisdom of those who had come before her with very little assistance.

Growing up, food was Bianca’s celebration, her joy, her comfort. It became the source of happiness & grounding. It became the way she could connect back to self. This turned into negative habits, which she ultimately learned how to heal, however, many of these habits were very positive & hold the pieces of her essence together.

When she moved into her own home, she gained space, perspective & her very own Kitchen. The first Cocina in which she had sole ownership. This opened up a world of possibilities and creative expression. It opened up her natural instinct as a Host. It revealed her nature as a healer, a creator; as a Bruja.

Now La Cocina extends past the limitations of a stove & a sink. It transformed into an Archetype that we carry within us. It takes form in all that is created from the heart.

It is the Stable & Secure Protection we capture & radiate for all to seek refuge in, in order to heal while coming to terms with Self.

It is a sense of Community.

It is a whisper from our Ancestors giving their blessing.

It is HOME.

La Cocina is the creation of intuitive expression which can take on the form of Food, Beads, Tarot Readings, Conversation, Tears, Laughter, Singing, Dancing, Sharing, Giving and more. There is always more, this is just the Beginning.

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