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Santini Communications

Santini Communications

 Your Local Communications Source for all things creative.

Santini Communications aims to show you how to establish & uphold your business boundaries by honoring the space between you (as an individual person) and your business (as a unique entity).

We assist in developing the infrastructure & routines that work for your schedule and provide the foundation for necessary discipline to keep things growing at an exponential rate. We feel that balance is needed in all things and mastering your needs as a person must come first.


Questions we help you answer:

What are my Pillars?

How can I maintain my personal life while growing my business?

How can I be a better parent to my children as well as this baby of a business?


Fill out a FORM telling us how we can assist you in developing your business boundaries. Pricing is based on a sliding scale.

Official Sponsor of the Olney Recreational Center Creative Expression Program & La Cocina Creative Club

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