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Tarot Readings & Divination Tools

At la Cocina, we use various forms of divination to provide insight into your subconscious and the messages you may be overlooking. We help you find and conclude the answers that are already inside of you.

YOU are the magic. La Cocina provides the Tools.


Bruja de la Cocina intuitive consultations

I use Cartomancy (Tarot, Playing Cards, Oracle Cards), Numerology, Astrology as well as Intuitive Energy Reading (verbal and non verbal observation) in order to assist you in meeting your needs. I create tools (Herbal Blends & Beaded Jewelry) based on this consultation to support you and your journey back to self as you spiral into self love.


Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Oracle Cards, Tea Leaves, Crystal Balls, Bones, Fire, Candles, Clouds, bird watching (and more) have all been used over the ages to tell fortunes.

Archetypal patterns & definitions are studied, conceptualized and then brought together to assist in providing advice for people to make decisions about life, love, war & the ultimate journey back to Self.

These tools open the portal between humans & the divine. They unlock coded messages inscribed in the threading of life as we know it.

Decoding these messages, at this time, with all the information and technology, has become more accessible and people are seeking the conscious awareness that comes with understanding “why” '“how” & “What if”.

Life comes with many uncertainties and sometimes a good reading can provide that much needed affirmation to move forward with confidence.

The readings carried out by la Bruja, the Oracle of Phila-DELPHI-a & any other Gatekeeper with la Cocina, work together with your intuition & your energy. We only require an open mind & an open heart to receiving what Spirit is looking to communicate with you.

We see ourselves as a vessel, a clear channel for the Divine to relay any messages for the collective & individuals.

We are not performing parlor tricks.

We are not swindling or scamming.

We are not predicting the future.

We are not guaranteeing success.

We are simply opening the blockages you have created that currently hide the answers from yourself.


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